Grimes Has Decided She Likes Being a Villain Now That Everyone Hates Her

Grimes recently did an interview with Crack magazine. I’m guessing she thought they were called Crack Whore magazine because that seems more up her alley, but it was illuminating nonetheless.

It was in this context that Boucher and Musk’s relationship was swiftly and mercilessly dissected in the press. Many publications were quick to link Musk to Boucher’s decision to remove the phrase “anti-imperialist” from her Twitter bio.

I mean, she’s clearly not dating the guy for his brains or his big dick. Have you ever really listened to Elon Musk talk? Of all the dumb guys people think are smart, he’s the dumbest. Okay, second dumbest. Speaking of being dumb but people thinking you’re smart.

 I actually, for the short term, am a bit of a socialist, but not economically. I’m into free markets. What can I say? I think capitalism can solve some things.

What the f**k does that even mean? Socialism is an economic theory you dizzy broad. There is no non-economic part of socialism.

Where does she go from here? The answer, to Boucher, is simple. “If I’m stuck being a villain, I want to pursue villainy artistically,” she says. “If there’s nothing left to lose, that’s actually a really fun idea to me. I think it has freed me artistically. The best part of the movie is the Joker. Everyone loves the villain. Everyone fucking loves Thanos. Let’s make some Thanos art.”

All of which goes some way to explain why the next Grimes album will be, in Boucher’s words, “an evil album about how great climate change is.”

I used to watch pro wrestling when I was younger. Like a long-ass time ago when WCW was still a thing. I always did cheer for the heels, most of all Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. A lot of people actually did and do, I’m pretty sure people like those bogans who just won the women’s tag-team championship and they’re heels. The difference is that they’re not actually assholes.

Grimes is like one of those girls in high school who was weird and tried to act like that’s what made her cool, but she was actually just weird. Only now she’s dating a rich guy who tried to kill a bunch of kids with a metal submarine/coffin.

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