Is Gigi Hadid Really The ‘Yeehaw Couture Queen’

Fashion is weird. I’m fairly sure it’s mostly a practical joke. Seriously, they do these fashion shows and everyone wears like, Bjork’s swan dress or Lady Gaga’s meat dress and everyone acts like “Oh yes, these are the things people will be wearing in the new year. Prime rib really is the new black.” Then you never ever see anyone in the entire world wear any of those things ever again anywhere.

The newest thing that fashion has decided is awesome that no one will ever wear is “yeehaw couture,” or dressing like a sexy cowgirl. It looks something like this.

That’s country singer Kacey Musgraves, who you might think is pulling that sexy overalls look off, but is she really or can you just see some of her ass?

Musgraves apparently thinks Gigi Hadid is the queen of the look, though, when she commented on Hadid’s latest Instagram post, from her Vogue cover.

Yeah, no one is pulling this look off. I have a picture of my girlfriend in a cowboy hat with a half-shirt on that she would murder me for showing you, but let me tell you, even though I love her with all my heart she looks ridiculous in that get-up, although Gigi Hadid not pulling it off should make her feel better. Just don’t let Gigi know you think she took a bad picture.

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