Jamie Lee Curtis is Recreating Memes and Doing YouTube Shows Now, Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

About a decade ago, Jamie Lee Curtis became a meme. No, it wasn’t because of that, that was entirely untrue and offensive to about a dozen groups of people, grow up. It was because she was caught dressing someone down in public and people kind of loved it.

The sip at the end is what makes it. Curtis reproduced this famous moment to promote her appearance on The Game Grumps YouTube channel, which frankly hasn’t been the same since JonTron left. That guy is fucking hilarious and basically the only YouTuber I actually care about.

Curtis played Mario Party with the remaining Grumps and her son Tom who is like 23 and that mostly explains why Jamie Lee Curtis was on a YouTube video game channel for an hour.

Jamie Lee is apparently kind of a video game nerd herself, probably to bond with her son, because her Wikipedia page says she plays World of Warcraft and made her son a costume of one of the characters from it. Still, pretty cool and surprising to see a star of her calibur on YouTube like this. Although less surprising than it would have been a few years ago.

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5 years ago

it’s last one.