Johnny Depp Won’t Stop Until He Clears His Name

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been accusing each other of being abusive, and who you believe depends on if you think Heard’s prior arrest for abusing a partner is no big deal and if you think Johnny Depp cut his own thumb almost entirely off while yelling “take this, bitch!” or something. Suffice it to say we’re on team Johnny here.

Now HollywoodLife has gotten exclusive statements from a source close to Johnny Depp that says Depp is going to keep fighting until he wins.

 “He is being patient and persevering in his fight against Amber over the truth, and Johnny will not back down,” the source continued. “As long as it takes, Johnny will use the courts to carry out justice until his name in Hollywood is cleared and his reputation is restored. She harmed him a lot back when he wasn’t defending himself; now he recognizes he must engage fully in this legal battle until her allegations are totally disproven. Johnny is not going to get trampled on any longer.”

Yeah, when Johnny wasn’t saying anything everyone just assumed Heard was telling the truth, despite him having accused her of being abusive and Heard’s history of having domestic abuse allegations leveled at her. One thing I remember is when Comic Con was happening last August Twitter was full of people saying Depp should have been banned and how terrible it was Amber had to be in the same building as her abuser. It always felt pretty messed up that the media tried to position Heard as the poster child of domestic abuse victims considering she was accused of domestic abuse herself.

Johnny’s lawyer, Adam Waldman also EXCLUSIVELY spoke with HollywoodLife about what’s going on in the current legal battle between Johnny and Amber and explained why he thinks Amber’s abuse claims are not true. “Having exposed Amber Heard’s May 21, 2016 abuse hoax with evidence including 2 police officers, 19 eyewitnesses, and 87 surveillance videos, we have issued new subpoenas and have already begun dismantling her other diabolical abuse scams,” Waldman said. “Before the evidence unmasks this previously arrested, violent abuser’s latest charade, here is a question: what actual abuse victim brings a hoax to court to obtain a restraining order when they have suffered real abuse?  It is an insult to the pain and experiences of all real abuse victims, of every gender.”

He’s Depp’s lawyer, and he has to take Johnny’s side here, but he has a good point. Why would someone fabricate an abuse hoax if they were really being abused? My theory is that whoever was abusing Amber Heard also attacked Jussie Smollett and killed O.J. Simpson’s wife. And killed Joe Scarborough’s intern. And took a s**t in Johnny Depp’s bed. This monster must be stopped.

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3 years ago

Thank for the article… I like your sense of humor. #ibelievejohnnydepp

3 years ago

great article. thank you for being with Johnny Depp on this. amber is a #violent #serialabuser #LIAR #cheater