Kim Kardashian is Going to be a Lawyer. No, Seriously. Stop Laughing, I’m Not Making it Up

You may think you know who Kim Kardashian is because a rapper pissed on her, but the real reason is that her father, Robert Kardashian, was a successful lawyer and part of O.J. Simpson’s “dream team.” Simpson and Kardashian were so close that O.J. fucked his wife and may be the father of one of Kim’s sisters. That is not what Robert had in mind when he said “Juice, I want you to do my wife.”

None of Robert’s children followed in his footsteps, with all of them taking the much more lucrative career path of fucking rappers and basketball players and being thots on Instagram.

To be fair, the tall one is O.J.’s problem. His son, Robert Kardashian, Jr., also skipped the esquire in favor of selling socks. He must be so proud looking up at his children from the afterlife.

Well, one of his kids is finally following in his footsteps because Kim Kardashian is working as an apprentice at a law firm which is a valid path to taking the bar in California, a fact revealed in a profile by Vogue.

In a house that is nearly devoid of stuff, at long last we come upon something that sparks . . . not joy exactly: a pile of big, fat books—on tort law. Just when you think you’ve kinda sorta maybe figured out who this unusual creature is, think again: Kim Kardashian West is studying to become a lawyer.

This is going to save her so much money defending Kanye herself for all the stupid s**t he does and is going to continue doing well into the future.

I mean, I’d let her represent me when all the celebrities I make fun of here sue me.

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