Martha Stewart, America’s Most Precious Sexy Grandmother, Attacked by Anti-Fur Activist

We must protect Martha Stewart at all costs. She makes cookies, she smokes pot with Snoop Dogg, she’s always getting drunk on Conan… if she were 100 years younger she’d be the perfect woman. I don’t know why anyone would wish her ill. But someone does and you leave her alone.

TMZ had the scoop on the protester who interrupted a book signing by Stewart.

We’ve just obtained video from Martha’s book signing at the Macy’s in NYC’s Herald Square Wednesday night, and it’s wild … you see the demonstrator come charging at Martha, holding up a sign about killing animals, ranting about Canada Goose and Martha having “blood on their hands,” as security guards quickly haul her away.

Martha’s clearly freaked out by the whole thing … we’re told the signing was called off shortly after the incident.

They went on to say that Martha Stewart doesn’t even have any connection to Canada Goose, which is a winter clothing company.

What even is that lady’s problem? Martha Stewart is an amazing hippie GMILF and you we should all be nice to her. People couldn’t even pick up copies of her new book The Martha Manual: How to do (Almost) Everything! because some crazy woman just ran up to her and whipped out a sign and if she had a gun Stewart could be dead now and I’m sure that thought crossed her mind while that went on, what with the “Martha Stewart has blood on her hands” thing and all. I don’t blame her for being freaked out. And she did time in the joint, you know. She had to drink Chateau Latour she made in a toilet.

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