Massive ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Spoilers Have Leaked; Here They Are

There’s just over a week until Avengers: Endgame comes to theaters but someone just leaked a massive amount of plot spoilers on the internet in the form of a five minute montage of footage from the film. We’re not going to share that because Disney will have it taken down before this article even goes live, but we can tell you what was in it thanks to Reddit.

A video leaked with several major moments from Avengers Endgame:

-Professor Hulk sounds just like Mark Ruffalo, and can speak full sentences. He’s seen wearing a tank top and glasses.

This was in the comics but no one really liked it because what makes Hulk an interesting character is that he and Banner are different people and Banner has to keep his emotions in check or he becomes a raging monster. Combining them just makes him a smart, strong green guy.

-Scott, Hulk, Steve, and Tony travel to the battle of New York to retrieve the mind, space, and time stone. Steve fights his past self.

This is a good idea. Go back in time to the only good Avengers movie. I will bet money the best scene in this movie is the stock footage from the original Avengers.

-Thor is living with Korg and Miek, getting drunk and not caring about what happened. Hulk and Rocket go to get him, and his beard and hair are messy and grown out.

Thor is also fat, as if the short hair didn’t disappoint your single aunt enough.

-Tony calls Rocket “Ratchet,” and Rocket replies “you’re only a genius on Earth.”

Yay, banter.

-Hulk tried to wield the Stark gauntlet, but it appears to be too powerful for him.

Yeah, Tony Stark makes his own Infinity Gauntlet. Did anyone not see that coming?

-Steve dual wields his shield and Mjolnir, it’s unclear how mjolnir comes back.

Better than Fat Thor, I guess.

-Sam is the first dusted avenger to come back, we hear him say to Steve “On Your Left,” then we see T’challa and Shuri coming out of a portal, and Sam flying out.

A portal? I feel like there’s some major time paradox stuff about to go on here. Isn’t the point to undo the snap? They’re grabbing people from out of time instead of just doing it, I guess.

-Big scene with all the Avengers, including Wasp, the Guardians, Spider-Man, vs Thanos and a revived Black Order. It looks like the big fight in Ready Player One, but we actually care about the characters. Captain America finally says “Avengers Assemble!”

Well, I like the Avengers Assemble thing.

-Stark reunites with Peter and gives him a hug

You know, the Russos said that everyone who died in the last movie was staying dead and they may as well have called me an idiot to my face.

-Carol gets the short hair she has in recent comics, and Peter Parker gives her the Stark Gauntlet

Seriously, Captain Marvel is the big hero? They’ve been trying to make Captain Marvel work as a character since the 1970s and the only thing anyone remembers any Captain Marvel doing is dying of cancer.

There was another thread on Reddit of behind the scenes Marvel info, too. With the Fat Thor that showed up in the leaked footage, another batch of leaks now seem credible. Here are some highlights:

“Chris Evans gets a chance to play a completely different Steve Rogers in Avengers 4. HAIL HYDRA!”

Evil Captain America was a controversial storyline in Marvel Comics a few years ago, but we do know Captain America is fighting himself in the movie.

“Brock Rumlow and Jack Rollins return in Avengers 4 in a recreation style scene of the famous elevator scene in Winter Soldier but there’s a MAJOR difference in this one.”

We’re just hitting all the good moments from old films. Probably ties into that evil Captain America thing.

“The Black Knight has been discussed quite a bit over at Marvel Studios. They see the character as a potential New Avenger and capable of holding his own solo film, and possibly a trilogy.”

For f**k’s sake Marvel, you have the X-Men and the Fantastic Four now. You can stop scraping the bottom of the barrel like you’re Grant Morrison looking for a character no one remembers to use in some off-the-wall story now.

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