Olivia Munn Isn’t Going to Take It Anymore

Olivia Munn is tired of the blogs. The snarky writers who snipe at celebrities from behind the safe, warm glow of their laptops. She knows she’s famous and fair game, but Munn decided enough is enough. So she took a stand with a two screenshot essay railing against the acerbic and super problematic blog, uh, Go Fug Yourself?

Munn wrote a multi-paragraph missive because Go Fug Yourself, probably the least mean-spirited blog about celebrity fashion, wrote something slightly critical about something she wore. If you’ve ever read the site, it’s probably the most milquetoast of all the blogs out there. Even when they’re mean, they’re nice. So everyone was kind of scratching their heads when Munn made such a big of a deal out of this post.

Okay, I might have exaggerated with that headline a little bit, except that I DO say “oh my God, Olivia Munn” ALL THE TIME and I DID say it when I saw this photo, even if this look is objectively not as terrifying as the last time I said it, which was extremely recently. That post is literally titled, “Oh My God, Olivia Munn.” This is just kinda like she got roped into making a sequel to American Hustle that ended up going straight to on-demand. Things could be worse.

Those bitches, right? She wrote that GFY is “at the forefront” of “the perpetual minimization of women” and that they “shouldn’t get away with spewing vitriol.” Her entire essay is an echoing of the current culture of body positivity and everyone loving each other. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but going against GFY is probably the wrong hill to die on. The hill she wants to die on is 50 miles in the other direction.

This is just too bad because it’s going to viewed as how detached some celebrities are from reality. They’re surrounded by so many sycophants that anything perceived as a slight is an attack on them when it’s actually a clever joke that flew right over their head.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has completely missed the point either. I even found out that this site has had at least one completely miss the joke.

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