Tana Mongeau Wants You to Work for Her for Free

Did you know you can die from exposure on pretty much every inch of the planet? Whether it’s too cold or too hot, it’s not a good idea to just wander around outside naked, which is why our ancestors lived in caves and wore animal pelts. Despite the deadly nature of exposure, more and more places expect you to work for exposure.

I get paid to write for this site, and as much as I love it I wouldn’t do this for free. And I have occasionally taken jobs that don’t pay to pad out my resume, mainly because I thought I was applying for a paying job and thought “well, I can squeeze this in” because I wanted to move into a new area. But in general, you don’t ever want to work for free, and it’s disturbing that more and more people and places that are entirely capable of paying their employees don’t.

Which brings us to Tana Mongeau, the social media influencer. Man, “social media influencer” is the nicest euphemism for slut we’ve ever come up with, isn’t it?

“Just taking my tits out at the bar, as you do.”

Anyway, Mongeau needs a new make-up artist for her Insta thotting, and she’s willing to pay you f**k all to do her make-up. Here’s what she said on her Instagram story.

looking for an MUA in LA that would wanna work together frequently for an abundance of promo!

wanting to get my makeup done more often for simpler stuff/work

you can also use my face to try out new looks/be your canvas for your instagram!!

looking for someone available a lot/flexible/willing to accept mainly promo as compensation

This is a huge red flag to me. I did some work for free for a website a few months ago where the owner had a really disrespectful attitude towards me, was very demanding… needless to say I stayed there about a week. You don’t want that job, no matter how much “exposure” or “promo” you get.

Anyway, I was going to be really mean about this, but I don’t know if I can be as mean as Twitter was when Tana didn’t know what she had done wrong.


Bitch, just tweet a link to their Instagram, don’t ask for them to be your free, on-call makeup artist.


Still, Tana, I think we can work something out if you can’t pay. It works out really well when someone who needs a ride in my Taxi or my services as a plumber forgets her purse.

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