The Internet Is Mad About Justin Bieber’s April Fools’ Prank, So Now I Have to Defend Justin Bieber. I Hope You’re Happy.

Today is one of those days where the internet is so stupid I just can’t deal with it. Monday was April Fools’ Day, and lots of people, including us, took the opportunity to make a few jokes and japes. I mean, we really do love Stav, though. Even Justin Bieber, who is terrible, got in on the action, making a joke rumors that his wife, one of the Baldwin brothers’ daughters, was pregnant.

Bieber eventually followed up with this, though.

You know who didn’t like that? Humorless pieces of s**t, apparently.

God, shut up.

I deeply wish I could post that I was having sex with Kristen Stewart on my Instagram, but I’m not offended when that girlfriend or boyfriend or that married director that fired her after they got caught sleeping together and no one cared for some reason because we all hated her then do.

Boo freakin’ hoo. If Justin Bieber had made a post with your name in it making fun of you for not being man enough to get your wife pregnant, then you can be offended.

The thing that makes me mad about this is that you’re making me take Justin Bieber’s side. I’ve never done that before. Up until today I had a flawless anti-Bieber record and you fuckers just ruined it. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

Bieber apologized on Instagram because of course he did, he’s a huge pussy.

God he’s insipid. #dennisthemenace. That’s all that really needs said.

But seriously, if a celebrity joking about being pregnant actually offends you or triggers you… get help. You may have a tumor in the part of your brain that deals with humor, rational thought or perspective.

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