Want to Be on a Soulja Boy Track? Just Give Him Ten Grand

Soulja Boy is quite the business man. Late last year he took over the world of videogames with the SouljaGame video game console, a cheaply made piece of Chinese bootleg crap. JonTron, a popular YouTuber I actually like did a video on the system and the SouljaWatch, which is… a watch.

It makes sense because Soulja Boy is kind of like the Chinese bootleg of rappers. He put out like, five albums last year and somewhere around a dozen songs in the past month.

And now, if you want to be in one of those songs, you can, for the low, low price of $10,000 American. Here’s the story he posted on his Instagram Story, via XXL.

Apparently, Soulja is now selling his guest verses for $10,000. He said as much on his Instagram story on Wednesday afternoon (April 10). That’s right, for 10 stacks, you can get 16 bars of Soulja’s customary bits of flexing. He’s also offering his beats for $2,500 and what appears to be an Instagram handle @Lil100.SODMG for $1,000.

Yeah, okay. Does this guy have trouble making ends meet? Did the price of dumbass neck tattoos suddenly skyrocket?

Did you notice he’s also just selling a random Instagram account? I don’t think the followers it comes with are going to stick around when it goes from being Soulja Boy to Jim’s House of He-Man Toys.

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