Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Bin Raccoon’ Boyfriend is a Meme

People still don’t know how to deal with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s almost entirely because she’s very attractive for a congresswoman.

She’s cute, she’s like a seven, which in congress is a fifteen. Her only competition for hottest government official basically a room full of 90 year old white dudes. Which means people really don’t know how to act when she comes up.

It’s not just slack-jawed alt-right idiots on 4chan who don’t know how to deal with a somewhat attractive elected official, it’s also well-meaning Twitter feminists still doing that “All girls are beautiful and fart rainbows and fairy dust follows them then they walk” thing. You know the ones.

Settle down bitch, you look like Courtney Love dressed up like a raccoon for Halloween.

But I digress, that’s an entirely different meme than the one we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the one that started with this tweet.

Again, let’s settle down on how “stunning” AOC is. She’s cute, but six months ago she was a barista in New York who was probably the one punching above her weight in this relationship. She totally calls this dude “Daddy.”

Of course, Twitter took this and ran with it.

I think it shows a lot of character that Ocasio-Cortez is staying with her partner and not out looking for a dick upgrade now that she has an accomplishment and a moderate amount of fame. She could probably nab a Hemsworth. Not one of the good ones, but like, their cousin Todd Hemsworth, proprietor of Hemsworth’s World’s Finest Emu Farm is totally gettable by her now.

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4 years ago

A 7 is generous. A drunk 7 maybe. Until she opens her mouth. Then a 5. At best. And t hat has nothing to do with politics, and all to do with persona. She sucks, much like Pres. Trump sucks.

Barbara Fee
Barbara Fee
4 years ago

A 7? Compared to what? Nancy Pelosi? IRL she’s barely a 5 and that’s IF you can get past the CRAZY-EYES and the horse mouth. I know looks aren’t everything, problem is for a college graduate, she’s dumb as a bag of hammers Very little she has said makes sense, let alone is backed by facts. When confronted with this she immediately plays the victim, or says something completely dumb like People are more concerned with being factually correct, rather than morally right. Um yes we are more concerned with a fact based argument, than your moral driven NONSENSE that… Read more »