Alyssa Milano Has Declared Sex Strike and I’m Not Expecting Anyone To Cross the Picket Line For Her

A sex strike is exactly what it sounds like, a bunch of women getting together and using sex to manipulate men just like the worst misogynist bloggers on the internet are always saying is the case. There is some historical precedent for this back in the era when wives were basically property and didn’t have the right to vote so they’d use the limited power they did have to influence their husbands. Things have changed since then.

Which is why it seemed really strange when Alyssa Milano, currently experiencing an inexplicable career upturn for basically just saying Harvey Weinstein is bad, called for a sex strike to protest the new (and to be fair, likely unconstitutionally onerous) abortion restrictions currently being enacted in Georgia and Ohio. We don’t need to wade into to politics and morality here, though, we’re just going to focus on why Alyssa Milano is dumb and how the entire internet dunked on her, left, right and center.

Here’s the problem with her plan: any kind of strike, sex or otherwise, only works if it targets the people in charge of the thing you want to change. And this might be shocking, but most of the people who voted for these bills probably have wives that agree with them because we live in a highly divisive time politically, which means that the people not having sex are the ones whose minds don’t need changed, and the people who do disagree with Milano’s viewpoint are likely married to women who are going to dismiss this as the silliness it is.


Do you see how I’m always right about everything?

And no one was really afraid to tell her how silly it was.

Oh, and she also got an earful about her idea being regressive, which, you know, it is.

See, this sort of sex strike has a chance of succeeding. Also, who is leaving towels lying on the floor? Do you want bathroom mushrooms? Because that’s how you get bathroom mushrooms.

Self-deprecating dunks are the best dunks.

Oh, and Milano also retweeted this tweet, which is not so much a self-own as it is a bit of evidence this sex strike might be more self-serving than she’s letting on.

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4 years ago

This is an example of the bizarre liberal idea that all women think alike. Just like they assume that all black people think alike. They make the assumption that pro-life men are all married to pro-abortion women, because they assume that all women are pro-abortion. This is nonsense, of course. Do they really think that pro-abortion women refusing to have sex with their pro-abortion husbands or boyfriends is going to intimidate pro-life men with pro-life wives? And the people pushing pro-life laws are often women. The president of National Right to Life is Carol Tobias — a woman. The president… Read more »

derk dankerson
derk dankerson
4 years ago

womens bodies dont belong to men, they belong to Alyssa Milano and feminists

4 years ago
Reply to  derk dankerson

did lol, thanks.