Britney Spears is Doing Yoga in a Tiny Bikini

It’s been a crazy few months for Britney Spears. Not “shave your head and do a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother” crazy, but still kind of nuts. Her recent stint in a mental health facility lead to a rather out-there conspiracy theory that she was being held against her will as part of someone’s scheme, the motive of which was unknown. It didn’t help that her mother was fanning the flames of that one.

Well, Britney seems better, because she’s doing yoga very nearly naked.

Yeah, we like it like that, too, Britney. Big fan of your work. Not so much the music, but the thotting is top notch. Since her Vegas residency was cancelled, maybe she should stop the music thing and refocus full time on being half-naked, she’s really one of the best at it. A real hall of famer.

Seriously, my god. Legend.

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