Cardi B Goes Entirely Nude on New Album Cover for ‘Press’

Cardi B just dropped a new single called ‘Press’.

The song is pretty hot, but it’s got nothing on the album cover which features Cardi just entirely naked and surrounded by paparazzi.

That is just way, way better than that album cover with John and Yoko naked on it. If you’ve never seen it, i suggest not googling it; it’s from back in the day of way-too-hairy bushes. And Yoko’s is no picnic either.

Cardi gets that s**t lasered, like a lady.

The song itself is about Cardi and her relationship to the press. I mean, ostensibly. It’s mostly about how she’s rich and likes to get her pussy eaten, which, honestly, who doesn’t?  That’s basically what all of Cardi’s songs are about. It’s why she puts up with the laser thing, clearly.

But it’s fair, how many male rappers have songs about getting their dicked sucked? Actually, ‘Press” has the line “They suckin’ on my dick with no teeth” so Cardi has that one covered, too.

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