Coke Wants to Relive the Horror That Was New Coke

In 1985, Coca-Cola released a new formula of their classic drink, New Coke. An update to a 99-year-old classic recipe. It was a miserable failure. The outrage from their pre-diabetic sugar sucking addicts was too much for them to handle causing Coke Classic to return a few months later.

But it’s 2019. Every remnant of pop culture is being dug out from its grave and forced to dance for us one last time. So why not New Coke? And what perfect way to turn a hated soft drink into a piece of nostalgia than to partner with season 3 of Stranger Things. The show that has things from when people were kids! I remember that!

Coca-Cola is releasing a limited number of 12-ounce cans of New Coke on its 1985 site. It’s been so popular that at times the site has gone down from all the traffic. Presumably from people trying to relive their youth.

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4 years ago

I actually liked new coke much more than regular coke or Pepsi.