Dan Harmon Gave Us All a Look Behind the Scenes on ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5

Rick and Morty has become a pop culture phenomenon in the six years since it debuted, and season four is coming later this year. The highest rated show in Adult Swim’s history, the network renewed the show for 70 episodes after the long wait between seasons two and three lead fans to basically go crazy and start attacking McDonald’s locations to get dipping sauce that was mentioned in an episode of the show. Seriously. And they didn’t even do ads for McDonald’s.

With season four in production and on the way to our airwaves in November, co-creator Dan Harmon (the uptight one) gave us a look behind the scenes at the ideas writer Rob Schrab had given him, some of which will undoubtedly make their way to our screens over the course of the 60-some episodes they have to write.

These ideas range from bad puns to truly insane visual gags, like “artificial person w/ real leg.” That is 100% going to make into an episode. How do you not want to make that. Also, I can’t stop thinking about what a “when-wolf” might be.

Harmon also did this freestyle rap about banging your mom to celebrate Memorial Day.

Keep in mind that Harmon is the down-to-Earth one, it’s Roiland who’s weird.

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