Dennis Rodman Apparently Stole a 400 Pound Yoga Crystal

Dennis Rodman, former NBA player and Madonna dater, is in hot water after a yoga studio accused him of stealing a 400 pound crystal from the establishment. Which is insane, but so is dating Madonna so it’s not entirely out of character.

So you might be wondering how Rodman managed to pull off this heist of a 400 pound object, and I have to tell you he’s not exactly Arsene Lupin III. He and a few other guys walked in with a dolly, loaded up the crystal and immediately dropped and shattered it.

He was also allegedly with a woman who was stealing clothes while this was going down. Here’s what Rodman told TMZ about the situation.

But, Dennis claims it’s all a giant misunderstanding — insisting the staffers at the shop told the group they could take “a couple of gifts” in exchange for helping to move the giant crystal art piece … which is why they grabbed the items.

Rodman never explains why his female companion tried to shield herself from view while stuffing shirts into her purse at the store … or why the staff needed help moving the crystal in the first place.

“I tried to help … as the good person I am,” Rodman said.

Yeah, that makes sense. What store doesn’t ask customers to move expensive and heavy items around? Surely that couldn’t lead to any sort of lawsuit situation if one of them was injured.

Anyway, the store claims he went back the next day and stole more clothes.

TMZ Sports┬áspoke with the owner of VIBES Hot Yoga who tells us Rodman and his pals came back to his yoga studio on May 8 … with Rodman’s female pal WEARING one of the outfits she stole the day before.

That’s pretty fucking brazen, but they did name their store VIBES Hot Yoga so I’m absolutely rooting for the thieves here.

One of Dennis’ pals also dropped a $2,500 crystal in the store — which they placed on a dolly and wheeled out of the store. The owner insists nobody paid for the crystal.

A rep for the Newport Beach PD previously told us they’re investigating. So far, no arrests have been made.

As for Rodman, he told us Thursday night (May 9) that he didn’t “steal sh*t.”

It would be super, super weird for Rodman to steal a crystal and clothing he could easily pay for, which, to be honest, makes me think he probably did it, because when has Dennis Rodman done a single thing in his life that wasn’t completely idiotic?

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