Even Wilmer Valderrama Gets to Date Supermodels Half His Age

Wilmer Valderrama was basically only ever in one thing, That 70’s Show. It was pretty successful in its day, but it’s far from being a classic like Seinfeld or Friends or Frasier. No one is cancelling their Netflix subscription because That 70’s Show gets pulled is what I’m saying.

Still, a supporting role on a decent sitcom is all it takes to date models these days, apparently. E! reported that Valderrama is dating model model and diving instructor Amanda Pacheco.

While the duo has yet to comment publicly on their relationship status, these recent sightings have fueled romance rumors.

“Wilmer always opens the door for Amanda and pays the bill,” a source tells E! News. “He definitely wants to make sure she feels taken care of. Even if they are just doing simple things, they have a lot of fun and are always smiling.”

You know, Wilmer Valderrama’s IMDB page describes him as “a sought after leading man.” I knew those pages were written by PR people, but I didn’t realize they were written by WIlmer Valderrama’s mom.

To be fair, there’s only an 11-year age gap between Valderrama and Pacheco. You have to be in movies to get the women 20 years younger than you, I guess.

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