Jenelle Evans and Her Dog-Murdering Husband are Off ‘Teen Mom 2’

Sometimes being married to the wrong person can really hurt your career. Just ask President Hillary Clinton. Jenelle Evans is learning this lesson because TMZ is reporting she just lost a lucrative six-figure contract with MTV because she’s still married to a dog-murdering bigot.

Our sources say MTV executives told Jenelle’s manager the killing of Nugget was the last straw and they feared he was out of control and wanted no part in what they see as a looming disaster. We’re told Jenelle was making six figures per season and that is now gone. Jenelle is still with David.

That’s corporate speak for “we don’t know how to deal with capturing a murder-suicide on camera and we don’t want to find out how we would.”

As we’ve reported … Eason also has a history of posting gun-crazed videos online flaunting his home arsenal, and has been accused of domestic violence.

I wonder why MTV doesn’t want anything to do with this person.

Why on Earth would you stay with someone who murdered your pet and cost you a six-figure job doing nothing? Especially when he’s some ugly MAGA beardo.

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