Johnny Galecki Shared a Melancholic Behind-the-Scenes Video From ‘The Big Bang Theory’

After twelve seasons, The Big Bang Theory is ending next week, and I know you’re all out there watching it. The reason I know that is that The Big Bang Theory beat Game of Thrones in the ratings last week and you people won’t shut up about Game of Thrones. Seriously, instead of watching it live, I watch it the next afternoon and someone or other on Twitter has spoiled every single episode for me in that timeframe, but god forbid someone say Tony Stark dies at the end of the new Avengers movie.

I’d be tempted to live-tweet The Big Bang Theory to spoil that for people if it wasn’t exceptionally obvious how it was going to end because it’s a sitcom. “You’ll never guess what happened, Sheldon was somewhat irritating but ultimately well-meaning.”

Speaking of which, though, Johnny Galecki posted a behind the scenes video of the set being torn down that’s kind of sad if you’re a fan of the show, which we should all admit is basically fine and if nothing else it’s better than 80% of network sitcoms. Have you ever sat through an episode of Mom or Young Sheldon or even that Murphy Brown reboot? You’ll be begging to watch The Big Bang Theory and that’s just shows on the same network on the same night.

By the way, they put in a lot of work to make Johnny Galecki look less attractive for the show.

Fellow cast member Kaley Cuoco has made no secret of how sad she is that the show is ending.

Man, they don’t have to do a lot of work to make her look unattainable attractive, though, do they?

Man, that’s her husband? And people thought Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was dating beneath her. Kaley is a 9 in Hollywood, this guy looks like she met him on the set of his Magic the Gathering YouTube vlog. Who even is he

Karl comes from a pretty wealthy family, too: His dad Scott Cook is worth around $2 billion, according to Forbes. (Scott founded Intuit, the tax software company.)

Ooooh. That explains so much.

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