Kit Harington Thought the ‘Game of Thrones’ Ending Was So Bad He’s in Rehab

A lot of people are taking the ending of Game of Thrones pretty hard, and it’s not just drunk middle-aged women who had built their entire identity around Daenerys Targaryen who are upset by it. Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen has checked into rehab essentially because he doesn’t know what to do with himself now that Game of Thrones is over, as reported by Page Six.

A friend told Page Six of Harington, “The end of ‘GoT’ really hit Kit hard …

“He realized ‘this is it — this is the end’, it was something they had all worked so hard on for so many years. He had a moment of, what next?

“He’s in the clinic predominantly for stress and exhaustion and also alcohol.

And what would any of do in that situation if not check into a really posh rehab facility?

Exhausted Harington, 32, who played Jon Snow on the hit HBO series for eight years, has been at luxury Connecticut health retreat Privé-Swiss for nearly a month, arriving weeks before the show’s finale on May 19, Page Six has learned.

I get it. Why wasn’t Jon Snow the king? What was the point of the entire plot of him being the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and the prophecy of the Azor Ahai and the Prince Who Was Promised if it didn’t add up to anything? The Red Woman’s god wanted Jon Snow brought back to kill someone who burned a million people to death? Burning innocent people to death was kind of his jam, if you remember.

Look, I’m not saying that the disappointing ending to Game of Thrones is why Kit Harington is in rehab, I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised if he had Chekhov’s Gun in his mouth in the middle of the night thinking about it.

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