Madison Beer Stopped Her Concert Because She Thought Someone Had a Gun

Madison Beer stopped her set in the middle of her version of “Creep” at BottleRock festival in Napa this weekend when a man was thought to have pointed a gun at her. Video shows Beer walking over to her people asking what was going on. She then told everyone to back up. In the video, you can see some guy in green with no one around him.

Another video shows people dispersing and police escorting the guy away in cuffs.

Napa police said there were no weapons involved and they banned the guy from the venue. It’s unclear what exactly the guy did to scare Madison. Maybe he was just making a finger gun and raising it to his head to mimic blowing his brains out because her set was so damn boring.

In more exciting BottleRock news, Thomas Keller introduced a $60 bucket of chicken and Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto carved a 205-pound tuna into 100 portions of sushi in under 13 minutes. Both were 100x more exciting than listening to Madison Beer do an unnecessary rendition of “Creep”.

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