Meltdown May Continues: Constance Wu is Pissed ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Was Renewed

I don’t know what the hell gets in the air in May, but it is absolutely the months for people to go absolutely apeshit on Twitter (and then call in sick to The View). Yesterday’s big news about ProJared being outed as a piece of s**t and having his dick pics all over Twitter totally overshadowed the woman ranting about how terrible it was that Castro broke up her family’s slave trade and now, only a day later, Constance Wu totally flipped her s**t because Fresh Off the Boat was renewed for another season by ABC. Right after the news was announced, Constance tweeted “So upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh. F**k” and “Fucking hell.”

Just in case you thought that she might have been talking about something other than having to be on a successful network TV show for another season, when a fan said “Congrats on your renewal! Great news :)” she replied “No it’s not” in a tweet she later deleted.

And if that wasn’t enough proof for you, she hit up the official Instagram account of the show and replied “dislike” to the announcement that the show had been renewed.

Of course, realizing this was going to seriously hurt her career, Constance almost immediately started walking this back and making excuses, saying “That was not a rampage, it was just how I normally talk. I say f**k a lot. I love the word. Y’all are making a lot of assumptions about what I was saying. And no, it’s not what it’s about. No it’s not..what this is all about. Stop assuming.” and “Todays tweets were on the heels of rough day&were ill timed w/the news of the show. Plz know, Im so grateful for FOTB renewal. I love the cast&crew. Im proud to be a part of it. For all the fans support, thank u & for all who support my casual use of the word f**k-thank u too”

Yeah, I’m not buying it. For starters, Wu’s banner and pinned tweet are both about Crazy Rich Asians opening, a movie that was in theaters almost a year ago and since which an entire season of Fresh Off the Boat has aired.

And journalist Yashar Ali tweeted, and then deleted, that Wu “has a reputation for being rude, petty, mean-spirited, and ungrateful.”

He claimed this tweet came off as misogynistic because it lacked context and sourcing, but we don’t care about those kinds of things, we’re just here for the meltdown. And it was glorious. It’s also worth mentioning that Gemma Chan, who was in Crazy Rich Asians with Wu, liked this tweet before it was deleted.

After having time to sleep on what she had just done, Wu issued a statement admitting she was upset that Fresh Off the Boat was renewed, but claimed it was because she had to give up a role that was more “artistically challenging” that would be using her “privilege” as best she can.

There’s no amount of money I wouldn’t bet that she’s talking about a shitty mainstream rom-com where she co-stars with Ryan Reynolds or Dane Cook. The script was written by a screenwriter desperately defending a dog-eared copy of Save the Cat.

And if that wasn’t enough, she ended it with “It’s meaningful when you choose to believe women,” as if she was talking about fighting Harvey Weinstein instead of wanting to leave her successful TV show now that she thinks she’s a movie star. I’m sure Shelly Long was really passionate about The Money Pit, too.

Who is going to melt down next? My money is on Britney Spears, but that’s kind of like the free space on the Meltdown May bingo card.

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