Ohio Middle Schoolers Gave Their Teachers Semen Crepes

Whatever happened to giving teachers an apple? These middle schoolers just upped the game.

Some middle school kids at Hyatts Middle School in Powell. Ohio supposedly filled crepes with semen and urine and gave them to their teachers. This was all done as part of a student cooking competition in a “family consumer science class.” Remind me never to go to any student bake sale in Ohio.

There were allegedly five victims, both teachers and student administrators, who now have their students’ DNA in them.

And since we’re in the social media age, these middle schoolers also supposedly filmed the victims eating their cum crepes and passed the videos around to each other.

A copy eventually made its way to one of the school administrators. Unknown if it was one of the same administrators who had eaten one of the crepes. If so, that’d be very meta? Or is that irony? Who knows. But if this administrator saw video of themselves unknowingly eating a crepe of middle school semen and urine, that’s definitely a free sick day right there.

According to Tracy Whited, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, the kids could face felony charges such as assault with a bodily substance. Felony assault charges would apply since it was a crime committed at school and against a teacher. So yay for teacher protections?

A lawyer for one of the students says to slow your roll. Brad Koffel asked the community for “caution before reaching any conclusions” and that this “easily could have been a prank that may have been mocked up for the purposes of creating a video.”

That easily could be true. Some batter made to look like semen, a few edits and then you have a whole school going viral for their semen crepes.

On the other hands, kids are evil, especially in packs.

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