‘Pose’ Star Indya Moore is ‘Elle’s’ First Trans Cover Model

Indya Moore has had a somewhat difficult life. She entered foster care at age 14 because her mother couldn’t deal with her being trans, she ended up being forced into sex work to be able to afford hormone therapy and ended up in some rough environments along the way, she told Elle. But Indya has since reconciled with her mother and she’s the first trans model to appear on Elle’s cover.

Indya can’t stop twerking. “I have to. It’s necessary. I’m claiming my cultural space in this dress.” Even though she laments her “skinny ass,” she still knows how to shake it, as is her heritage. “That’s how you know I’m from the Bronx,” she says. “I’m twerking one ass-cheek. That’s talent.”

That right there is the American dream.

I think Indya is going to be on a lot of covers in her career. Wow.

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