R. Kelly Hit With Even More Sex Abuse Charges

The second episode of Adult Swim’s The Boondocks aired in 2005 and was called The Trial of R. Kelly, a reference to his then-current legal troubles for allegedly having sex with an underage teen girl. We just found out that a fifth season of The Boondocks is in production at Adult Swim on basically the same day we found out that R. Kelly is facing 11 additional charges of sexual abuse relating to him allegedly having sex with Jerhonda Pace when she was a minor.

Via CNN:

His attorney said Kelly has been recharged in his existing case as it pertains to one alleged victim.

The charges range from aggravated criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual assault to aggravated criminal sexual abuse, the document says.

A person convicted of aggravated criminal sexual assault can be sentenced to between six and 30 years in prison, according to Illinois law.

This seems bad for Kelly, but he’s already been charged for this, they’re just additional charges for the same crime.

I mean, it could mean more jail time if he’s convicted, but I’m sure it doesn’t change his legal strategy.

The alleged victim commented on the development as well.

Pace, who is listed as JP in court documents, posted a public message on her Facebook page.

“Yes, I am aware of the 11 new counts against R. Kelly. Yes, all new counts are related to my case,” she wrote. “Yes, I know his fans are mad about it. Please, DO NOT contact me telling me how I’m wrong for pursuing criminal charges all of these years later. Blah! No matter how ‘wrong’ you think I am, the law is on my side, a MINOR at the time. Carry on.”

She has a point. Not being able to read someone’s birth certificate isn’t exonerating here. But unless he has better lawyers than Bill Cosby, R. Kelly could end up doing some serious jail time.

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