Sarah Hyland Shows Her Kidney Transplant Scars and Shows Off in the Bath

Did you know that when you get a kidney transplant they don’t take your failed or failing kidney out, they just put the new inside you too? Sarah Hyland has had two kidney transplants and that means she has twice as many kidneys as the average human. I feel like that’s going to help her be more powerful than Ariel Winter on the last season of Modern Family.

She isn’t ashamed of her scars either. Not that she should be. If she should be ashamed of anything it’s the Ellen Degeneres undies.

Hyland also recently posted a picture of herself in the bath.

No, not that one. She was a cute baby, though.

Way better, I don’t even care that it’s an ad. And it’s a great angle, she almost looks like she has breasts in it. I kid, she’s a beautiful woman, obviously, I don’t have a bad thing to say about her. I mean, other than it breaks my heart she married Dylan and not Andy, but that’s not even her, just a fictional character she plays. Still. Andy was great.

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