Suri Cruise Wants to Be a Model Now. I’m Sure She’ll Achieve It on Her Own Talent and Not Nepotism

I’m 100% sure that when Suri Cruise gets to high school she’s going to be voted most likely to watch her parents get arrested for bribing a college official. We all see that coming, right? Well, Suri is only 13, but according to RadarOnline she’s ready to be a model.

“Modeling agencies are practically beating Katie’s door down to sign Suri up,” a source exclusively told Radar.

With offers ahead, “Suri’s really excited — she’s very much a little performer.”

Oh, I’m sure she is. I’m sure that the reason everyone wants to sign Suri Cruise is because she’s a modelling prodigy. It’s absolutely not just because she has famous parents. In fact, having famous parents is a sign that you’ll also be good at anything; just look at how great an actress Sophia Coppola turned out to be and how good Edsel Ford was at having cars named after him.

But Suri’s mother, Katie Holmes, isn’t that keen on her teenage daughter growing up as a model.

“She was basically a child star herself, and isn’t sure if she wants Suri growing up in the industry,” the source explained of the former Dawson’s Creek teen star.

Her father doesn’t care what she does because she’s a suppressive person and he’s daddy Miscavige’s good boy. Gee, a teenage model with daddy issues. She’s going to grow up just fine and nothing like every character in one of Woody Allen’s films.

Why do modelling agencies even want to sign a 13-year-old? Is she going to be walking the runway with all the other 13-year-olds? Or are all the top agencies just really excited to represent the new face of Old Navy Kids?

I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that getting her 13-year-old daughter a lucrative modeling contract is essentially the reason Marie Antoinette got her head chopped off.

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