Wine Moms Worldwide Are Despondent After ‘Game of Thrones’ Heel Turn

Game of Thrones is exactly one week away from its endgame and the final boss isn’t at all who we thought it was going to be. While most people probably thought the battle for the Iron Throne was going to come down to Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister, viewers were thrown for a loop when Sunday’s episode spent most of its run-time following Arya Stark desperately try to escape King’s Landing as Daenerys became the Mad Queen and burned the city to the ground, killing a million innocent men, women and children. Suddenly the ostensible hero of the story was the villain, and she unleashed her weapon of mass destruction on civilians after the opposing army had surrendered.

You probably saw this coming since it was hinted at since the beginning of the show; Robert Baratheon warned Viserys would lay waste to the Seven Kingdoms with a Dothraki horde, Tyrion told his sister that one in three Targaryens went mad when she was worried about her younger children in light of Joffrey’s madness, we spent a lot of time in Harrenhall in early seasons, an impregnable fortress that Aegon Targaryen reduced to rubble with his three dragons that still featured melted stone 300 years later.

Not to mention Daenerys has always been ruthless and somewhat incompetent. Her armies love her because she brutally dispatched of their oppressors, but she basically made a gigantic mess of all of Essos when she tried to actually rule it. A lot of people are going to rewatch Game of Thrones over the summer and have a lot of “Ooohhh” moments. It was actually a pretty good development for her character, if you think about it. The more obsessed she became with ruling the Seven Kingdoms, the more it became clear she shouldn’t.

You know who didn’t like this development? Wine moms and feminist bloggers who had built their identity around worshipping Dany and Harry Potter. Yes, if you thought that Daenerys Targaryen was perfect and good and stopped to kiss babies then you probably reacted like you were Constance Wu getting your popular TV show renewed, but with more accusations of misogyny, which has sort of become a catch-all term for sexism, structural inequality and whatever a writer for The Mary Sue doesn’t like this week.

This hurts my head. Not everything is about American politics.

Sady Doyle is like a terrible take machine and she did not disappoint here.  But it gets better.

Ms Aiston, please put down the comically large glass of wine and step away from the ledge.

Of course, not all the discourse was bad.

This made me laugh way more than it probably should have, for example.


And some of the tweets were just amazing.

I think we all know how this show is going.  I think we all knew when the White Walkers were dispatched fairly easily that we were headed to a much more traditional fantasy ending than we thought we were going to get. I think the only question now is who is going to kill Daenerys; Jon, Arya or Tyrion?

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4 years ago

Jon will love-kill Dany because she went mad like her dad and wants to keep killing. Jon will turn himself in to the Night Watch again and serve. Bran will be king, with the Imp his hand. And advisors include Sam and some other kingdom leaders. Some kingsoms get new leaders as well as family were killed off. Sansa rules the North. Arya goes off to do Arya things. The Dothraki go back to Essos. They rebuild and move on to a new age, and work more towards equality in the realm. Very JRR Tolkienesque. ANd in Tolkien fashion, it’ll… Read more »

4 years ago

prediction: Daenerys kills Jon, cementing herself as the mad “king” Targaryen.
Tyrion kills Daenerys, becoming the next lanister “king slayer”.
Gendry to be awarded the iron throne, putting a Baratheon back on the iron throne.
we are now full circle, ending as we started the story essentially.