YouTuber ProJared Accused of Cheating, Abuse by Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife

Sometimes relationships don’t work out for entirely normal reasons. Take YouTuber ProJared, or Jared Knabenbauer, who runs a gaming channel and is the star of Dice, Camera, Action, a Dungeons and Dragons promotional stream produced by Wizards of the Coast. Jared announced the end of his marriage on Twitter, for seemingly normal reasons, and asked that people respect his and his ex’s privacy.

And his friend and co-worker even reached out to him to let him know she was there if he needed a shoulder to cry on. It’s nice that the waffle crew has each other’s back.

They also have each other’s fronts, apparently, because look at what Jared’s wife said.

I just want to stop for a second before I get into the truly hilarious YouTube drama that’s unravelling on Twitter.

Who cheats on this woman:

with this woman:

That’s like trading in a Maserati for a Kia Sorento with a giant forehead.

A-mahzing. Heidi is spilling all the tea here, folks.

You might be tempted to think that this is a he said, she said thing. That’s how Holly is trying to play it.

Here’s the general sentiment that got from the public.

I know what you’re thinking. “Does this get any better?” And it gets so much better. Did someone say dick pics?

Not even the same girl! He apparently had a whole Snapchat and Tumblr he used to solicit nude pictures from fans and send them pictures of his unimpressive hardware back. By the way, he claimed the purpose of this was “body positivity.” Using my left-wing activism as a shield to be a creep gives me a boner, too.

This is so good.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a piece of this body.

He looks like the “before” in one of those Charles Atlas ads in old comic books.

We’ve had some fun here, but this Jared guy does sound like a huge sack of s**t. Not Jake Paul level, but still.

When I started writing this article, Jared was verified on Twitter, and Twitter has taken away his checkmark. Which is dumb, because he’s still who he is, but the checkmark is a good boy checkmark now and he was a bad boy.

By the way, Wizards of the Coast gave a YouTuber a lifetime ban from Magic: The Gathering for calling a cosplayer a thot and banned another guy for 18 months for taking pictures of all the dudes with their asses hanging out at a large tournament. What do you think they’re going to do when their promotional show host is accused of emotionally abusing his wife and sending dick pics to fans?

Especially when he was conducting his affair on Wizards of the Coast’s promotional livestream under the guise of “it’s just part of the game.” Yeah, that’s pretty brazen and messed up, to have your Dungeons and Dragons character have a relationship with the character of the person you’re cheating on your spouse with.

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