Allison Mack’s ‘Smallville’ Co-Stars Weigh in on Her Sex Cult

Smallville was kind of a big moment in television history, even if it doesn’t seem like it now. It was a Superboy show without having Superboy, instead showing a young Clark Kent discovering his super powers in the days before he became Superman. Of course, as the series ran for like, 10 years instead of two or three, that kind of wore thin eventually and all you could think was “Dude, you’re 30, put on a fucking cape! The Legion of Super-Heroes couldn’t bring you a cape and a flight ring?”

Instead of Superman characters, the series had Superboy’s supporting cast from the 50’s comic, like Clark’s parents, his best friend Pete Ross and his first love Lana Lang. The producers also added a new character, Clark’s schoolmate and friend/potential love interest Chloe Sullivan, played by Allison Mack. The character was so popular that she eventually showed up DC’s Superman comics as Jimmy Olsen’s girlfriend (not anymore though, I’ll bet) and every super hero show since has had a similar character. Spider-Man: Homecoming even made a joke about how Spider-Man needed a “guy in the chair.”

She was also popular enough to get her very own sex cult. Cult leader Keith Raniere was found guilty of all the illegal that having a sex cult comprises and Mack pleaded guilty to some crimes around the cult to avoid a trial.

This is all super awkward for Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum, who played Clark Kent and Lex Luthor on Smallville. See, it’s Smallville week on Rosenbaum’s podcast insideofyou, and it was bound to come up that one of their friends and co-stars went on to have sex slaves.

USA Today had a partial transcript, which isn’t as interesting as I had hoped.

“I didn’t know anything about it. … I was very surprised to read anything about it,” said Welling, who played Mack’s best friend, Clark Kent, on the hit CW show. “It’s sounds very bizarre. Allison was always a nice person around me.”

He added, “It’s also funny that people think that we would know, or that we would have some perspective on it.”

If you think about it, it makes sense that they didn’t know anything, Mack always seemed brainwashed to me. I don’t want to excuse what she did but come on, the woman a million fanboys spent the better part of the 2000s thinking about every time they masturbated doesn’t just suddenly decide she’s going to run a sex cult for a shitty motivational speaker. She absolutely got taken in by a cult, and now she’s basically the only Smallville actress who doesn’t get to be a guest star on Supergirl.

Rosenbaum said he was aware that Mack was taking “part of, like, a self-help thing” when they were co-stars, although it’s not clear if he’s referring to NXIVM.

“I remember one time, maybe it was Allison who asked me or something and she was just like, ‘Hey, you should try coming to it,’ and I was like, ‘No. I don’t know. It’s not for me,’ ” he said.

Rosenbaum concluded: “We’re all figuring out what the deal is.”

Yeah, imagine your friend goes to what you think is a Tony Robbins seminar and they come back with some dude’s initials branded into their outer labia. I mean, you probably wouldn’t know, but if one of your friends goes to a TED Talk and comes back wincing every time they cross their legs, make sure they’re okay.

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3 years ago

I’ve seen first hand how vulnerable people can be taken in by a cult. It’s like drug addiction for the mind. You alwaus think he/she should have known better. I believe Kristin Kreuk, who was also involved (though they say before the ‘sex cult/slave branding’ thing started), probably knows more than she’s said about it.

Mack should be treated as a criminal, but she is mentally ill and should get the treatment she needs.