Bella Thorne Won’t Be Shamed By ‘The View’ For Taking Nude Selfies

Someone hacked Bella Thorne’s phone recently and got a hold of some naked pictures she took. This person tried to blackmail her with them, so Bella did the one thing that would absolutely cut that option out of the equation and shared them on Twitter herself (link NSFW).

Well the ladies on The View had some strong opinions on this, especially Whoopi Goldberg, who went on a pretty decent rant about celebrities should “know better” than to photograph themselves nude for their intimate partners because celebrities shouldn’t have normal sex lives.

Personally, I think Bella should have to shave her head like one of those Japanese idols who got caught holding a boy’s hand in public. I mean, either that or we say the dude blackmailing her was the bad one and not her.

Bella posted a video response to the segment and it’s a doozy.

Through tears, Thorne says she’s cancelling her interview with The View because she doesn’t want a bunch of older women shaming her for her sexuality. She ended the video with a “shame on you” for Whoopi Goldberg.

I have to take Bella’s side here, everyone takes naked pictures of themselves nowadays. It’s a side-effect of having cameras in their pockets and being a normal amount of horny for an adult human. There’ no reason to shame people for completely normal human behavior.

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4 years ago

One can be acting “normal” and still get raped, assaulted, defrauded, humiliated, etc. The world is filled with threats that need to be assessed CONSTANTLY. If I’m robbed and beaten while walking through an alley at 3am, I’m totally within my rights to be there. That fact doesn’t un-ring the bell. I feel sorry for Bella and she should not be slut-shamed, but fact is that jerks target young, beautiful celebrities to hack their phones. She was always at much greater risk of this and she did it anyways. Reality is a mega-bitch. Of course Bella is an innocent victim,… Read more »

4 years ago

Thorne was too stupid to understand Whoopi’s point. The point being in this day and age of cloud based storage and easy hacking, you can take all the photos you want. But when you get hacked, don’t act like a victim. We all knew there was a high probability it could happen. Just like driving drunk and getting caught. Go ahead and take the risk. But we all know it is a risk these days. Because it;s not safe and it is that simple. Plus, this is a huge PR stunt anyway. Bella pulled a Kardashians here. Nothing more. Promoting… Read more »