Bhad Bhabie Responds to Middle East Concert Cancellation

If there’s one sentence I never thought I’d write no matter what age I lived to, it’s that the Cash Me Ousside girl had a concert in Jordan cancelled because of her views on the Israel/Palestine conflict. My utter inability to grasp what I just wrote is somewhat mitigated by the fact that she didn’t actually make any sort of comment on the Israel/Palestine conflict, what she said was “Why yes, I do like McDonald’s fries.” That does absolutely sound like the sort of thing I’d expect her to say when asked for her opinion.

I still can’t believe she’s famous. Anyway, it turns out the question, which she clearly didn’t understand because come on, look at who we’re talking about here, is kind of famous in Palestine and whoever was running her concert in Jordan thought she was disrespectful and cancelled it. Which is dumb as hell.

When talking to a paparazzo at the airport in a video obtained by TMZ, Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregoli says she’ll put on a concert for anyone who pays her. When specifically asked if she’d play a show in the West Bank, she says “I don’t know where there is, but okay.”

So she is clearly not approaching this whole Israel/Palestine thing from a position of knowing or caring about even the most basic tenets of it, which has got to be infuriating to the wine mom editors of Teen Vogue who have done so much to make politics fashionable

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