Brett Favre and Both Sprouse Brothers Had Social Media Accounts Hacked

Today has been a big day for social media hacks, and I don’t mean Ben Shapiro. I mean celebrities getting their accounts hacked. In a particularly cruel prank on football fans, someone hacked Brett Favre’s instagram account and announced he was coming out of retirement and returning to the NFL next season.

You can tell that’s fake because who puts #news in a sentence?

Unlike us, TMZ can just call Brett Favre and ask him about things like this, and that’s what they did.

Favre says the explanation is simple — someone hacked his social media account — he’s not trying to pull a Rafael Palmeiro and play pro ball into his 50s.

Now, Favre says the phony post was deleted and his team is scrambling to find the culprit.

But Brett Favre wasn’t the only celebrity to get hacked recently, and as sad as football fans are to find out Favre isn’t playing again, racists were probably equally heartbroken to find out that Dylan and Cole Sprouse had not suddenly decided to become terrible people and blow up their entire careers.

The International Business TImes reported that both brothers had their accounts hacked nearly simultaneously.

Dylan Sprouse’s account (@dylansprouse) began sending unusual tweets just after noon on Monday afternoon, according to The Wrap. The hacker sent tweets to promote other Twitter accounts, @kNuBLoM and @PlugWalkerJoe, which have since been suspended, as well as some  “uncharacteristically random tweets,” including one which contained the ethnic slur used to describe a black or dark-skinned person.

Dylan’s brother, Cole Sprouse, was also hacked around the same time. The hacker used his account to also promote other accounts and even linked to a Snapchat account that appeared to show a timeline of someone hacking both of the Sprouse brothers’ accounts.

Fortunately for the brothers, the hack didn’t last long though. The tweets were deleted about an hour later and Dylan addressed the situation to his followers.

Yeah, big shock that a CW star and his almost-as-famous brother didn’t suddenly become white nationalists to promote the twitter accounts of some random dude.

Of course, as far as Favre is concerned it’s far from the worst thing to happen to him online.

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