Ellen Page Celebrates Pride Month With A Topless Couples Photoshoot

June is Pride Month, the one month a year where lesbians and gay men aren’t entirely shitty to bisexuals. It’s also the time of year where brands put rainbow flags in their social media accounts and hope no one looks into how much money they’re spending expanding into Saudi Arabia.

Ellen Page, the second most famous lesbian named Ellen, is celebrating Pride by posting topless pictures of her and her dancer wife on Instagram, which I must admit seems like a great way to celebrate.

Page’s wife Emma Portner also posted pictures of the couple from the same shoot.

They did the same thing a few weeks ago which was not for Pride Month, but who’s complaining?

Page and Portner were married last year after dating for six months, which, believe me, is an eternity for lesbians. Seriously, you know what most lesbians do on their second date? Nothing special, just have dinner, see a movie and then go back to their place.

Six months is coincidentally one month for every inch of forehead Page is usually covering with some sort of hat.

I mean, she’s an attractive women, but if there’s ever an all-female Robin Hood movie she’s a shoe-in for Friar Tuck.

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4 years ago

You sound like an asshole.