Elon Musk Hates Crediting Artists

Elon Musk’s fans seem to think he’s going to save the world. What I’m pretty sure is going to actually happen is someone else will save the world and Elon Musk will take credit for it and call the person who did the actual work a pedophile.

Musk is back to his old habits of self-owning on Twitter, today pissing off the entire internet by claiming artists don’t deserve credit for their work.

It started when he posted a picture and people told him he should credit the artist.

As you can see, he doesn’t think anyone should be credited with anything, which is hilarious because he absolutely lost his s**t when experienced cavers saved those lost kids with the application of accumulated knowledge of those sorts of environments instead of putting hem in a high-tech metal coffin.

It’s basically just good manners to credit artists for their work on social media, like eating your salad with the salad fork or not illegally manipulating stock prices because you’re mad people are shorting you. After people pointed this out to him, he doubled down.

I for one am shocked that a right-place, right-time trust fund dipshit wouldn’t want to give people credit for the work they do.

Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff. This is exactly why he’s against giving people credit, because we might figure out he’s not actually a genius.

And then, after getting entirely owned by all of Twitter, Elon blacked out his profile picture like a depressed teenage girl or that part of Twilight that’s just a chapter’s worth of blank page because Bella is so sad Edward dumped her.

That’s who Elon Musk is. A teenage girl who needs everyone to love him. Except he’s a 50-year-old billionaire.

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