Instathot’s Sexy Chernobyl Photoshoot Was a Fake

Ahh, Instagram, the website where girls with daddy issues go to great lengths to get thirsty replies from strangers. Recently the internet got very mad at one of these women who appeared to take some exceptionally naked photos at the site of the Chernobyl power plant meltdown.

Yeah, I always thought those radiation suits were sexy. “Hey baby, take that rebreather off, I’ve got something better for you to put in your mouth.”

Anyway, it turns out that this model, Veronika Rocheva, wasn’t actually in Pripyat where the meltdown occurred, she just spoofed the tag on the post like some kind of Pokemon Go player who doesn’t want to leave the house. This made a lot of people who thought she was slutting around the accident sight angry and they let her know about it.

Tits out for radiation poisoning.

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