Kawhi Leonard Has Cost McDonald’s Millions in Fries

Before Kawhi Leonard was traded to the Raptors and lead them on a spectacular run to the finals, McDonald’s promised free fries in Ontario whenever the Raptors hit 12 three-pointers in a game. They figured the injury-prone Kawhi would cost them maybe 700,000 orders of medium fries. A number they based off a forecast model from a previous giveaway with the Montreal Canadiens. McD’s figured out of the 82 games, they’d only hit more than 12 in half of the games.

How did they come up with 12? Originally, they threw out 11 but saw that the Raptors averaged 11.8 threes per game last season. So they ended up at 12. And this was just a bunch of marketers looking at stats and just throwing out numbers.

Well, estimates were a little off. Especially with Danny Green on the team as well. The Raptors have reached the threshold 44 times this season with another 10 so far during the playoffs. While the deviation from their estimate wasn’t too bad, they underestimated how many Canadians want free s**t.

McDonald’s gave out 2 million free orders worth $2.89 a piece to a tune of $5.8 million worth of fries. In Game One of the finals, McDonald’s gave away 80,000 orders which is almost $250,000 worth of fries.

Now the head office is getting a little worried. Mainly about fulfilling the orders. Some franchises are averaging around 500 giveaways per game record. Apparently Canadians have an insatiable appetite for fast food. The upside of all this is it’s lead to a bump in downloads of their app which people have to use to claim their free fries.

If you do the math, before the finals started, 37,000 people claimed fries after each record breaking game. Considering each game maybe 30% of those people are new users. That’s a lot of downloads. This is an amazing opportunity to fatten up those Canadians.

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