Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’s Daughter Had the Worst Birthday Ever When She Caught Her Parents Banging

Having your birthday fall on Father’s Day isn’t ideal for either your or your father, especially when it’s your 18th birthday. Both you and your dad deserve the day to yourselves, so already compromises need to be made. This is the situation that Mark Consuelos and his daughter Lola found themselves in on Sunday.

But then it got worse, because Lola walked in on her father getting his father’s day present from her mother, Kelly Ripa. It was sex.

Page Six transcribed the action, so to speak.

Ripa went on to explain that while she wasn’t “in the mood” because she had a house full of people, including her in-laws, she still “went through the motions” as a Father’s Day treat.

“[Mark] was like, ‘But it’s Father’s Day,’ and I was like, ‘Alright, that’s not typically, doesn’t conjure up amorous thoughts but OK.’”

Consuelos continued, “So she opens the door … and we’re like ‘Ah, close the door, knock, what are you doing?”

First of all, always knock, but especially knock on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and your parents birthdays. Jesus, imagine is it had been Mark Consuelos’s birthday and not just Father’s Day, Lola would have seen way worse than what she saw.

“She shuts the door and you hear, ‘You just ruined my birthday and my life and I used to see in color and now everything is gray,’” added Ripa.

The couple then went on to say that later, when the whole family was having Father’s Day brunch together, Lola told them that they were “disgusting” and “had no chill.”

That’s a little dramatic, she was in the wrong here.

Lola then apparently told them, “You act like you’re 20 but you’re not,” to which Ripa responded, “With respect, we weren’t in the kitchen, we weren’t in the hallway or your room.”

And while Consuelos said he doesn’t think their daughter saw anything, Ripa said, “I made eye contact with her.”

One thing you never want to have happen in life is to make eye contact with your daughter while there’s a penis inside you. That’s the literal worst thing I can think of.

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4 years ago

Actually, the worst thing I can think of, after this item, is my penis in Kelly Ripator.