Khloe Kardashian Attended Her First Prom at Age 34

Late May and early June means that school is almost over and graduation and prom are going on now. Most of you probably don’t care because you’re not in high school, but it is a nice reminder to pick up a card for your snot-nosed nephew to congratulate him on his 2.0 GPA and acceptance to the school Lori Loughlin’s daughter should have been going to.

It also means that we’re going to have celebrities going to prom with kids to get those sweet, sweet PR rewards, and our first example of the year is Khloe, who went to prom with a fan for an episode of her reality show.

Oh sure, Khloe takes a fan to his prom and it’s such a sweet gesture but when I offer to take that cashier at the grocery store to her prom it’s all “that’s not appropriate.”

Khloe mentioned on Twitter that this was her first prom.

I mean, a keyhole top is certainly a look for a high school prom. it’s also another thing people tell me is inappropriate when I try to pull it off.

How many girls from this high school do you think lost their virginity that night to a boyfriend who was trying to cover up accidentally calling her Khloe in the middle? It has to be at least a dozen, right?

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5 years ago

How is this so different than going to prom with your mother? Khloe is rather old for this.