Lil Xan, The World’s Sleepiest Rapper, Facing Assault With a Deadly Weapon Charge

It’s never good to miss a nap, you just don’t know how cranky you’re going to be. And I assume Lil Xan, who basically always looks like an 11-year-old who needs a nap, must have missed a nap because the LAPD is investigating him for assault with a deadly weapon because of an incident where he brandished a gun. TMZ had the details of the story.

TMZ broke the story … the alleged victim called out Xan for calling Tupac’s music “boring” last year. Things quickly escalated … with Xan pulling a gun out multiple times, and pointing it at the man.

The 22-year-old rapper said he only pulled the gun because he thought he was about to be attacked.

If the D.A. doesn’t see it that way, Xan could be charged with a felony that carries a max sentence of 4 years.

I mean, yeah, why wouldn’t you pull a gun on a guy who doesn’t like Tupac. Seems reasonable.

See, my guess was that he was mad at whoever drew on his face when he fell asleep, but apparently he wants his face to look like that.

Also hilarious is that there’s video of this incident and let’s just say Lil Xan still doesn’t look scary even when he’s pointing a gun at you. He absolutely seems like someone who could OD on Cheetos.

Also, I think he says the n-word in this exchange, so even if he doesn’t go to jail for the serious felony he seemingly committed, he’s totally going to get cancelled on Twitter.

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