London May Soon Be Home to the World’s Most Awful 360-Degree Infinity Pool

Compass Pools unveiled their design for a 600,000-liter pool that sits atop a 55-story building they’re planning for London. What’s unique about this pool is it’ll be the world’s first 360-degree infinity pool in what I’m sure will cater to IG influencers. Oh, those poor, poor IG boyfriends. The pool will also have a transparent floor which will allow anyone underneath to look at your ass or up your swim trunks for that added bit of voyeurism.

Of course, looking at the proposed design, many had one major concern. How the f**k do you get in and out of the pool?

Compass Pools has the solution.

Commenting on the design, Alex continued: “We faced some quite major technical challenges to this building, the biggest one being how to actually get into the pool.

“Normally a simple ladder would suffice, but we didn’t want stairs on the outside of the building or in the pool as it would spoil the view – and obviously you don’t want 600,000 litres of water draining through the building either.

“The solution is based on the door of a submarine, coupled with a rotating spiral staircase which rises from the pool floor when someone wants to get in or out – the absolute cutting edge of swimming pool and building design and a little bit James Bond to boot!”

This is going to work out great when it jams and a bunch of people are stuck in that pool on a hot day at 2 pm. You might as well throw some herbs and spices in that human stew.

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