Mark Hamill Reignites Doomed Campaign to Remove Trump’s Walk of Fame Star

Regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump, you should get used to the idea that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce isn’t going to remove his star from the Walk of Fame; they don’t remove anyone’s star for any reason because they consider it to be the equivalent of an historical document. Even if someone on the Walk of Fame were to, say, put children into concentration camps, that wouldn’t merit their removal because nothing does. I actually respect that, once an accolade is given to someone who turns out to be horrible you don’t get to just take it back.

Star Wars star Mark Hamill has brought up the issue again, linking to a year-old article about the West Hollywood City Council voting to remove Trump’s star. The problem there is that the West Hollywood City Council doesn’t get to decide who is or isn’t on the Walk of Fame. Their vote to remove Trump’s star carries about as much weight as mine.

Now, despite his naivete on the subject, I think Hamill wanting to honor his late friend is pretty admirable. Carrie Fisher was the deuteragonist of the most culturally relevant film trilogy of all time (sorry, The Godfather, but maybe don’t hire Sofia Coppola as an actress next time) and I actually had to look up why Trump had a star. If you’re wondering it’s for the beauty pageants he produced.

Weird Al’s star didn’t replace Trump’s and neither will Carrie’s, but she should have one nonetheless.

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