Nicolas Cage is Now Divorced After Giving His Marriage Four Days of Hard Work

Nicolas Cage is as good at marriage as he is at acting, which is to say no one really knows if he’s good at it or not. If getting in and out of a marriage as quickly as possible is the goal, then he’s amazing at it because Cage filed for an annulment just four days after he married Erika Koike.

Yes, just four days after Cage was married he filed for an annulment, claiming he was too drunk to get married and that she had defrauded him because she was in a relationship with someone else.

Now TMZ is reporting their divorce was finalized and that Cage may be paying alimony, which is a quite the win for his wife of 96 hours.

Three months after the exes tied the knot in a spur of the moment Las Vegas wedding … they are officially divorced. According to court records, the judge in Clark County, NV granted their divorce on Friday, May 31.

Erika opposed Nic’s move to annul, and a month later filed docs saying the marriage was not only totally legit, but also that she wanted spousal support — for 4 days of marriage.

Based on the docs, it seems Nic failed to score the annulment, and settled for a good old fashioned divorce. It’s unclear if Erika is getting support. We’ve got calls into Nic’s reps.

Well, it’s probably good to get out while you can, and while getting married in the first place may have seemed like a bad idea, who could have seen this coming?

We also got pics of them in a heated argument moments prior to getting married.

Okay, so everyone. Well, at least the story has a happy ending.

Total days Erika and Nic were married to each other, btw … 69.

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