President Trump is Good Friends With the “Prince of Whales”

This may not be the most unique insight, but President Trump is really fucking stupid. Like, do you remember how stupid George W Bush was? Because Trump is even dumber than that. And of course it’s because of a tweet he made.

This Tweet.

Yes, that’s right, he just met with the Prince of Whales. Which is this guy.

The United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Charles is the Prince of Wales. I’m sure he gets along well with Donald Trump because he’s constantly promoting homeopathy, also known as trying to treat diseases with water, also known as the reason your new iPhone is a piece of s**t.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Donald Trump makes a million typos, what makes this one so special? Are you reaching out to a new audience of wine moms, trying to get on Michael Che’s good side?

I mostly just thought this one was really, really funny. Like yeah, covfefe and hamberders, whatever, those are just typos. What Trump did here was mix up Prince Charles and Namor the Submariner, and that’s hilarious to me.

This was in response to all the hand-wringing about Trump saying that he doesn’t ee a problem with getting dirt on political opponents from foreign nationals in an interview with ABC News newsmuppet George Stephanopoulos. I have to admit, Trump is probably right here. He won and he’s clearly not going to pay any political or legal price for anything he’s done, so what’s stopping him? George Snuffleupagus mentioned that Al Gore was mailed George W Bush’s debate prep materials and turned it over to the FBI without using it. But Al Gore lost and George Bush committed a bunch of war crimes for which he was also never punished legally or politically, so did he actually make the right choice?

The point, at the end of the day, is that the President of the United States thinks Prince Charles is the Prince of aquatic mammals.

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