Singer Jess Glynne Got Banned From a Festival

Remember when Jess Glynne was a thing? Neither do I. And neither will anyone else when promoters realize she’ll leave your festival high and dry because was out partying the night before.

There’s a good chance people are less likely to book her now because Jess Glynne has at least been banned from the Isle of Wight festival after canceling minutes before she was about to perform on Sunday. Festival head John Giddings said, “She will never be booked to play the Isle of Wight again.”

Glynne said she was suffering from “exhaustion”.

According to The Mirror, Jess supported the Spice Girls on their comeback tour at Wembley Stadium on Saturday and stayed for the backstage party. She was seen leaving Wembley at 5 am on Sunday with Mel B and some friends. They kept the party going at a nearby hotel until 7 am. That must have been when the exhaustion hit her.

I’m the same. I get pretty exhausted when I’m going shot for shot with anyone around me. Like I tell my boss when I come into work the next day with bloodshot eyes and eau de vodka spritzed all over me, “Hey, asshole. It’s my anxiety!”

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