Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul Are Either Engaged Or Have a New Plan to Get Clout

One of the most memorable gags on 30 Rock, one of the best sitcoms of all time, was Jenna faking a relationship with James Franco to cover up for the fact that James Franco was in love with an anime body pillow named Kimiko-tan.

This would have been more believable if the body pillow had Sailor Jupiter on it, but as anyone who saw The Disaster Artist can tell you James Franco is really, really good at convincingly playing an insane person.

The point is that celebrities do this fake relationship for press thing all the time, enough that a show about being behind the scenes at a television show had an episode about it.

But I digress. Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are engaged.

Yeah, that is a real thing that actually happened. After all, what kind of weirdo would just make something like this up for clout?

It was also Mongeau’s 21st birthday. There was cake and mylar balloons.

They do make a cute couple. Oh, and Jake Paul is there, too. At least this keeps them quarantined from dating actual decent people.

Jake proposed in the absolute doucheiest way possible, which is incredibly on-brand for him.

I feel like I’ve seen this party somewhere before.

Oh, I’m sure this is unrelated, but MTV has been following Tana around for a documentary on her 21st birthday.

Absolutely real engagement. 100%. I now know what love is.

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