Too Beautiful To Fly? Australian Model Stuck in Bali Over Passport Stain

Like a model on one of those bukakke websites, your passport can take a lot of abuse for around $100. What’s different is you don’t want to get your passport wet, at least if you’re planning on traveling to Indonesia. Fox News reported that Australian model Tegan Martin is stuck in Bali after being turned away from her flight due to some minor water damage on her passport.

Martin, the former Miss Universe Australia, posted an image of her passport with a wet corner in her Instagram stories, noting that she was not allowed to board her flight at Denpasar Airport because of it.

“Wasn’t allowed on my flight due to this water mark in the corner of my passport. Has this happened to anyone else?” she wrote in the caption.

I can think of another reason they might not want her to leave, though.

I guess if you’re going to be stuck somewhere a tropical paradise isn’t the worst place. Although she’s from Australia so Bali is probably “too cold” and the flora and fauna are “not trying hard enough to kill me” for her taste.

I’m almost surprised her legs don’t reach Australia from where she is.

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