Update: Yanet Garcia, ‘The World’s Sexiest Weather Girl’ Doing Fine After Boyfriend Dumped Her for His Playstation

Remember Yanet Garcia, the insanely sexy weather girl who was dumped by her boyfriend because he wanted to spend more time playing video games? I’m sorry, to “focus on his career as a professional streamer?” Well, she’s being really well without having a videogame-obsessed manchild in her life.

See, look how healthy she is.

She even appears to have a new boyfriend who seems about 10% less insufferable than her last one.

Uh-oh, he appears to be some sort of motivational speaker. That’s a profession that can quickly go off the rails. Blink twice if you need help, Yanet! Nah, I’m sure he’s a great guy.

Today’s forecast is 69 degrees and nice.

Yanet’s ex also has a new love in his life.

She’s just off-screen, see? But she’s totally there and real, she’s just shy.

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